Battle game on hunting grounds

Battle game on hunting grounds

Enjoy a unique opportunity _mg_9416to become a hunter and attend the game battle. You become part battle hunting deer in forest. Hunt is the land on which it is allowed to exercise the right of hunting. In a very favourable terrain which is predominantly spruce and beech vegetation is found mainly black and roe deer. The main kinds of animals that can be hunted is just wild boar, deer, muflon as well.

Common hunting battle takes the form of a spying or trap form.

We will provide transportation between different traps, to trace animals and treatment of hunted animals..

Forget any worries. During battle we pay attention for professionalism, organization, security and smooth running of the hunt. We will provide you the opportunity to participate in the in selected hunting free hunting grounds full of animals!

Battle animals is an unforgettable experience for everyone.
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and battle hunting.






1 person Standard         47 EUR

2 persons Standard       73 EUR

2 persons De Luxe         94 EUR




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