Crystal and décor


Crystal and décor 


Gifts made of Czech crystal can tell your loved ones, without saying a word, how much you care about them. A crystal gift from Preciosa is a gift with massage.

Our extensive selection of Crystal means you are guaranteed to find something that not only pleases your eye but your pocket too! Our collection includes:


Company specializes in manufacturing colourful cased crystal with a 24% PbO content, which is made by
connecting the lay of clear crystal and the lay of colourful crystal with temperatures around 800°C. This manufacturing process is on the top of handmade production´s possibilities and only the best and most skilful glass-makers are able to make it.


The raw material used for production of Aida products is arranged in the best Czech glass-works. The most important techniques of refining glass are – cutting, art engraving, hand painting and gilding of glass. For gilding of glass liquid matt gold is used, after burning it is treated by manual polishing so that gold gets its shine.

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