056The Preciosa brand was first registered in Bohemia in 1915. The word “Preciosa” is derived from the feminine form of the Latin adjective preciosus which means rare, exceptional or exalted. Preciosa is currently one of the world’s largest producers and exporters in the Czech glass and costume jewellery industry.

Exclusive jewellery made of Czech cut crystal is stylish and follow the world‘s latest fashion trends. It is suitable for every occasion. Its utmost brilliance, sparkle and elegance underline the individuality and personality of the contemporary woman.

Preciosa company was officially established on April 10, 1948

Thanks to its versatility, broad research background and substantial technical capacity, Preciosa gradually became a key supplier on the world’s fashion jewelry scene, although its historical business activities were channeled strictly through designated state-run organizations for foreign trade.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, i.e. after the Velvet Revolution, the then state-run enterprise passed into private hands and launched its own foreign trade efforts aimed at building a global distribution network. The production portfolio was continually broadened with new fields of industry in pursuit of a clearly set goal: To become a world top-notch quality enterprise in crystal glass processing and an enterprise with lasting prosperity.

Preciosa, a strong corporation with a global scope of activities and representations in all important markets, cautiously maintains and guards all it inherited from its forefathers: Tradition, skill, quality, reliability and an innovative approach. Yet it builds its future on the efficient use of state-of-the-art technologies and eclectic knowledge across all fields of science while bearing in mind its responsibility towards society.

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