Bohemian Crumlaw and Frauenberg castle

Bohemian Crumlaw and Frauenberg castle 

Just several hours away from Prague there is another famous town – the invaluable part of the UNESCO legacy. Since the beginning of time Český Krumlov was one of the biggest and wealthiest cities of the Bohemian land. The remarkably preserved ancient look of the city is making it one of the most attractive sight not only in Czech, but in entire Europe.

Český Krumlov Castle is unusually large for a town of Krumlov’s size; within the Czech Republic it is second in extent only to the Hradčany castle complex of Prague. Inside its grounds are a large rococo garden, an extensive bridge over a deep gap in the rock upon which the castle is built, and the castle itself, which in turn consists of many defined parts dating from different periods of time. After the garden was not adequately maintained during the second half of the 20th century, the site was included in the 1996 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund.

With financial support from American Express the garden’s central fountain was documented and reconstructed, and is functional today.

You will also see one of the most beauteous castles in the world – Hluboká nad Vltavou, also known as Frauenberg castle. The magical castle of white stone will make you feel, like you’re being in a fairytale.

Duration: 11 to 12 hours.


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