The Folklore Evening

The best way to cognize the foreign culture is to become a part of it, at least for one evening, and we’re blissful to present you this opportunity. Czech folk music and dance are full of beauty and energy, inspiring generations of artists and remaining popular with all ages, even today.

Our folklore evening offers guests a night of entertainment in a traditional Czech restaurant where you will eat and drink well, and perhaps even join in the singing and dancing.

Most of our fellow-companies include all-inclusive dinner and bottomless glasses of Moravian wine and traditional Czech beer, what may make the evening unforgettable for you.

Do touch the treasure of the Czech nation and find out what it’s like.

There is no need for you to scour the city, trying to find the travel company office: you may pay the tour right at ours and we will make all the arrangements.

Duration: 3 hours.



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