Welcome to Prague!

Breaking the Czech Republic border, embassies in Prague

Czech Republic is a Member State of the European Union since 2004. For EU citizens there are diverse regulations, than for residents of other countries. Anyway the document of identity is required.

Time zone

Czech Republic locates in GTM + 1 time zone (CET: UTS + 1). The local time is Middle European. CR is one of the counties, where “winter” and “summer” time system is applied (GTM + 2).

In Czech Republic is commonly used the 24 hour time frame, which means that in conversational speech you may say “meet at 8 p.m.”, but in official communication “20:00” is more preferable.

EU citizens 

For residents of the European Union to enter the country only international passport or other ID proving document is required. The same way it goes for the citizens of Switzerland, Norwegian, Island and Lichtenstein, that are free to travel all over the European Economic Area.

Custom fees and requirements

On some types of merchandise there are established so-called import limits, which means that exceeding the quote you have to pay the custom fee and report the quantity of the imported commodity.

Languages and useful phrases   

The only official and the most spoken language in the country is Czech, which is spoken by 96% of population. But there is no need to be aware of misunderstanding or miscommunication.  Almost everywhere, especially in big cities you will be understood in English. The senior generation speaks Russian and German. The knowledge of French, Spanish or Italian is uncommon.

Czech language belongs to the Slavonic group of languages (such as Polish, Russian, Slovak…)


Institutions in CR begin their business day early, about 7 a.m. and most of them will be closed by 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Pay the attention to the fact, that in some institutions (mostly authorities) the office days are, for example, only Monday and Friday, or office hours are till 3 p.m. only.  So that, to avoid complications and time wasting we suggest You to enquire the working schedule in advance.

Money, payments and tips 

The official currency in Czech Republic is Czech Krone (abbreviation CZK). From May 1. 2004 Czech Republic is a Member State of the EU and will join the Euro-zone in the fall of 2018. Payments can be made both cash and cashless. In the big shopping malls, gas stations and popular tourist-oriented places Euros are also acceptable.

Smoking, Healthcare and Medical Insurance 

Czech Republic is one of the smoking-bounding countries. The most prominent manifestations of the “non-smoking” laws are prohibition to smoke in the public places (tram stations, bus stops, railway stations, transport, places of culture and entertainment). In restaurants there are separate premises for smokers and non-smokers.


In Czech Republic weekends, state holidays are generally off-days for most of the public institutions and banks.  The shopping malls and shops in cities such as Prague or Brno  will be opened regardless of day of the week and holidays. In superb towns the majority of shops will be closed. The concert halls, exhibitions, restaurants and pubs are usually open on weekend.

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